Parent-ChildThe relationship between parents and children is a complicated one, and as children become teens it can become particularly challenging.  Parent-child mediators can help to bridge the communication gap that often develops, and help you to make a plan to restore safety and sanity to your household.

Our mediators have extensive experience working with youth, and can help both sides to understand the other's perspective.  Topics as simple and everyday as chores and curfews are commonly discussed, as are areas as serious as sex, drugs, and crime.  We work hard to make sure that, while both sides have an opportunity to speak and be heard, we never undermine a parent's position in a family.

We are a PINS diversion process, and work often with youth who are PINS, pre-PINS or otherwise involved with corrective services.  We accept referrals from schools, counselors, and other organizations, and both parents and youth are free to contact us directly to access our services.  Parent-child mediation is free, private, and voluntary, and makes an excellent complement to therapautic services such as counseling.  We offer a practical, problem-solving focused approach to families.