SMARTplans Strategic Planning

Ask Yourself This Question: Does your business or organization have a Strategic Plan?

If not, you need one! An organization without a plan is adrift, in danger of losing sight of their mission and their vision.

If you do have done one, but it has gone out of date (or maybe it was completed but never seen again), you need a new one. Contact us NOW! And find out how we can help facilitate your strategic planning session to create success within your business, school, or nonprofit!

Businesses and organizations can not afford to not have plans for the future.  Their very existence depends on it.  The Peacemaker Program, Inc. can help.  Our staff is trained in Large Group Facilitation methods which are designed to get your business or organization on the road to effective Strategic Planning.  Using Innovative and Collaborative approaches, we can move your business or organization from the initial Idea Stage through to implementation of your Action Plan.

Our Facilitators can also help your group with Planning, Problem Solving, and Research Proposals; anything that requires you to work with or within a group and to come to a consensus.  Our methods are great for planning your next Fund Raiser, too.  Contact our Development Team to get more information on how we can help.