Family     A full-day program (6-8 hours), with a focus almost purely on fun than on learning.  The bulk of activities (such as Triangle Tag, Hog Call, and Dragon Race) are specifically designed to be fun, exciting, and a little competitive.  Sprinkled in will be activities (such as Human Knot and Hamburger Press)  that bring a family, church, or other group closer together.  Activities with a large amount of self-disclosure and sharing, which can help people reconnect, can easily be added as well.  This program often involves several "stations" with small group activities that participants can "rotate" through, with large group activities used as openers and a grand finale.  

     Nearly any size group can benefit from this program, and it can easily be adapted to teams by age, gender, and more.  Costs for a program for a small group (up to 25) would start at $1,000.  For more information, or to rewuest a quote, contact a member of our Training Team!