Corporate     A full-day program (6-8 hours) designed to give professionals the skills they need to improve relations, enhance communication, and contribute to a healthier work environment.  Nearly all activities (such as Balance, Group Juggle, and What Are You Doing?)  will have a strong focus on Communication.  Many others (such as River Crossing, Chopsticks, and Gutterball) will spotlight Leadership vs Followership, Multiple Solutions, and Blame and Responsibility issues.

     This approach is excellent for offices with a great deal of infighting and finger-pointing, departments who are merging, or any organization which needs to help its members reconnect and get re-energized.  Adapts well for small to medium sized groups, down to as few as six individuals.  An outdoor space is not required, as all activities work well in conference or meeting rooms once cleared of most furniture.  Costs begin at $1,000 for a small group.  For more information, or to rewuest a quote, contact a member of our Training Team!