Youth     A four-hour program designed to bring a group of youth from different backgrounds together as a whole.  Most activities (such as Yurt Circle, Spider Web, and Have You Ever) focus on the Common Ground between the participants and the fact that each has unique Resources and Tools that they must use together to reach their goals.  Supplemental activities such as Noah's Ark and People to People add Communication and Conflict Resolution skills to the mix. 


     This program is perfect for incoming freshmen, student councils, or Resident Advisors who must learn to let their cliques and preconceptions go and see themselves as a unified group.    Ideal locations for this sort of program are gyms or athletic fields, although the program is very portable and adapts well to existing campgrounds, ropes courses, and obstacle courses.  Designed for groups of at least 20, and can easily scale up to very large groups.  Costs begin at $700 for a group of up to 25 participants (before discounts).  For more information, or to rewuest a quote, contact a member of our Training Team!