Challenge Programs

Team BuildingTeamwork, Planning and Organization, Blame and Responsibility, Problem Solving; these are just a few of the topics companies, schools and organizations would like to provide training on.  However, as soon as you mention it, your employees or students let out the collective groan.

Instead, what if there was a fun and unique way to get your group the training it needs, and still be entertaining?  That is what The Peacemaker Program's Challenge Programs provide.  Our Challenge Programs use an Experiential Learning model to teach over 25 different subjects centered on Conflict Resolution and Team Building.  The activities designed into your program use a combination of mental and physical challenges to illustrate concepts.

Every group, and even every individual in a group, thinks differently and has a unique level of physical capability.  The activities used will be a combination of Low, Medium and High Energy Levels, depending on the needs of the participants.  Every activity is followed by a detailed “debriefing” session to ensure that everyone understands the concept demonstrated.  Our team of experts can custom design a Challenge Program tailored to your individual group's needs. Our team can develop your program to be done indoors or out; weather need not be a factor in your learning, and you don't need to hike through the woods or mountains to have an adventure.  Each program takes into account the abilities both mental and physical of the participants.  No one needs to be left out of the fun. 

The minimum program time is 2 hours, and we often extend up to 8 hours  We can accommodate group sizes from 12 to 250 participants.  The only limitation is the size of your location.

Not a member of a formal group or organization, or just looking for something different and fun to do?  Challenge Programs can be just the thing.  A Challenge Program is a great activity for a Family Reunion, Company Picnic, Staff Retreat, or just about any large group activity.

Contact our team to start your Challenge.  Prices of the program will vary depending on the length of program and size of your group.  The typical program cost starts at $175.00 per facilitator hour; discounts are available for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations.  (Groups over 25 require additional facilitators, at $50.00 per facilitator hour.)

If you’re not sure how to begin, just ask our team.  We can walk you through to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.  We can plan out the whole program or just what topics you wish to explore.  We even have several sample programs to get you started!

Youth     A four-hour program designed to bring a group of youth from different backgrounds together as a whole.  Most activities (such as Yurt Circle, Spider Web, and Have You Ever) focus on the Common Ground between the participants and the fact that each has unique Resources and Tools that they must use together to reach their goals.  Supplemental activities such as Noah's Ark and People to People add Communication and Conflict Resolution skills to the mix. 

Corporate     A full-day program (6-8 hours) designed to give professionals the skills they need to improve relations, enhance communication, and contribute to a healthier work environment.  Nearly all activities (such as Balance, Group Juggle, and What Are You Doing?)  will have a strong focus on Communication.  Many others (such as River Crossing, Chopsticks, and Gutterball) will spotlight Leadership vs Followership, Multiple Solutions, and Blame and Responsibility issues.

Family     A full-day program (6-8 hours), with a focus almost purely on fun than on learning.  The bulk of activities (such as Triangle Tag, Hog Call, and Dragon Race) are specifically designed to be fun, exciting, and a little competitive.  Sprinkled in will be activities (such as Human Knot and Hamburger Press)  that bring a family, church, or other group closer together.  Activities with a large amount of self-disclosure and sharing, which can help people reconnect, can easily be added as well.  This program often involves several "stations" with small group activities that participants can "rotate" through, with large group activities used as openers and a grand finale.