Peace For Rent

One of the most common case types in any small claims court is the eviction.  In addition, countless claims are brought by landlords and tenants regarding rent reductions, leases, security deposits, damages, and more.  The fact is that New York State is, far and away, the leader in sheer quantity of landlord-tenant law.  This means that to be a good, effective, and profitable landlord in New York, you need knowledge.  This training provides a foundation for becoming informed and effective.

For example, did you know that New York State's "Roommate Law" allows your tenant to occupy the dwelling along with their immediate family, one additional person, and THAT prson's immediate family?  That law applies even if the landlord attempts to restrict occupancy to a single individual named on the lease.  Did you know that improperly evicting a tenant can lead to court damages equal to THREE TIMES any costs incurred by the tenant?  And just what is the proper way to evict someone, anyway?

Our training is designed to explain all of this, plus answer countless questions that can help keep landlord-tenant relations positive and productive for both sides.  The training will help keep you out of small claims and eviction courts, and when you end up there, it will help make sure that you have done everything required to make things come out right. The standard program length is about 3 hours, with a starting cost around $525*.

*Interested organizations may purchase the training, and then charge attendees to recover the costs.