Ninety Second SolutionsThis training takes the advanced conflict resolution skills used by our professional mediators and boils them down into a form that anyone can use.  While mediation is a powerful technique, sometimes people need to solve problems quickly and still produce a positive outcome.  Whether using these skills professionally (in Customer Service or Management) or personally (with friends and family), you will learn to solve problems with lasting solutions in less than two minutes.

For example, we will analyze the different behaviors that escalate a conflict, making it more difficult to handle.  We will also review effective strategies to defusde that same conflict, making working cooperatively and creating good solutions possible again.

Any conflict has the potential to reach a positive outcome, as long as those involved have the knowledge and skills required to choose the appropriate technique.  We provide that technique, in the form of our Four Magic Questions.  These questions help to analyze the elements of any conflict, organize them, and then apply that information to build solutions.  With very little practice, this sort of cooperative problem solving becomes second nature.  The standard program length is about 2 hours*, with a starting cost around $350.

*Additional skill sets can be added to the training by extending the time.  For example:
  • Definition and Sources of Conflict
  • Advanced Problem-Solving Tools
  • Immersive Role-Play