Conflict is a constant and natural part of our lives. How we choose to handle that conflict which makes a difference. Our training and educational services have been developed over time to incorporate the latest theoretical and practical applications in Conflict Resolution. The instructors are also practitioners, certified under the New York State Unified Court System's guidelines to mediate and arbitrate disputes. This combination of conceptual background and practical experience offers the widest possible range of ideas and techniques.

Each and every program uses state-of-the-art multimedia presentations and can be designed to use a combination of Lecture, Interactive Activities, Group Discussion, and Role Play to ensure that your objectives are met with the most power and impact.

Your organization can realize substantial savings by reducing the cost of conflict. We work hard to keep your costs low and your return on investment high. Whether you're looking to train your workforce, challenge a youth group, strategically plan with your board, or listen to your community's voices in a town hall setting, we can deliver the results you need at a cost you can afford.