Conflict Resolution Training DevelopmentAre you a business with a large and diverse employee base?  Are you a Community Dispute Resolution Center looking to expand your available resource pool? If yes, then our Conflict Resolution Training programs are what you need.  We will help you to develop a Conflict Resolution Training curriculum to provide your workplace or your community with the same trainings we provide. 

 Our experts will help you develop a program to instruct such Conflict Resolution concepts as:

  • Definition and Identification of Conflict
  • Handling Escalation & Confrontation
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • And over 20 more issues and topics

Your training will begin with an overview of the development of our unique style of training.  You will learn a variety of Learning Theories and how they apply to adaptations of materials and techniques.  You will learn how to adapt a topic for a variety of audiences, in order to maximize the impact of the training.  You will be instructed how to adapt training topics targeted to different groups, such as Executive Level management personnel, Human Services personnel, and members of the community.  We will show you how to train the same topic to different groups.  We will teach how to use traditional tools, such as printed handouts and PowerPoint, in new and distinctive ways.  We instruct you on how to use new tools including video, animation, role-play, games and other interactive activities, and much more.