Peer Mediation DevelopmentUnresolved conflict in a workplace can cost a company or business thousands of dollars in unbudgeted expenses, loss of productivity, and loss of employees. Conflict in a classroomcan have a detrimental effect on the learning environment and lead to excess absenteeism, violence and reduced test scores. 

 Our Peer Mediation Programs teach key management, employees or staff and students to be Mediators using a variety of Mediation Styles.  This approach allows you to use the best resources you already have: the people who know your organization best.  Each participant will receive 40 hours of classroom instruction on topics such as:

  • Confidentiality
  • Dynamics of Conflict
  • Empowerment & Self-Determination
  • Power Imbalance
  • Opening Statements
  • Communication
  • Organizing Information
  • Verbal and Written Agreements

We work closely with your particular group to develop and implement your program to your specifications.  We look at your particular organization to ensure that the new program supports and integrates smoothly with your existing structure.  Once developed, our team helps to start your program and then provides monitoring to insure compliance.  Additionally, we will provide follow-up and advanced trainings. We will show you how to:

  • Choose and Develop your Mediators
  • Maintain Documentation
  • Schedule Sessions
  • Analyze Information
  • Promote your Program