Resident Advisor Training


Have fun! Learn Something! Meet people!


The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has expert facilitators available for schools all over Central New York. Start planning for the coming school year now! Our staff can help you create a fun, informative, and engaging program unique to your school, including:

  • Integration for students combining from several Grammar or Junior High schools into one large class. Team-Building and other exercises help ease the introductions and create a new, cohesive group.

  • Resident Advisor (RA) training in Conflict Resolution, Communication, and other essential skills for keeping a campus running smoothly.

  • Orientation and acclimation activities for incoming freshmen. Especially for students leaving home for the first time, forming quick bonds with classmates on-campus can be essential to social stability and future academic success.

Please click here  or call 315.724.1718 for more information