Resolving conflict is not for everyone. Luckily though, in Central New York we have a premier Community Dispute Resolution Center that works with people in conflict every day.  We do not shy away; we step right in and make a difference.

We help people resolve conflict with business partners, spouses, family members; we give a voice to children and the disabled to promote the best possible outcomes for children, families and the community.

The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has a proven ability and a successful track record.  Our staff and volunteers are professional, reliable, dedicated and compassionate.  By donating now, you can help us continue to provide our confidential services conducted with the utmost integrity, recognized and supported by the Courts.

We are the only local agency that offers problem solving without judgment, requirements or other strings attached. With your support, we have saved millions of taxpayer dollars in our community, and spared thousands of people from costly and unnecessary court battles.

Unresolved conflict between individuals results in community unrest. Help us deal effectively with conflict before it affects us all. Please consider a donation to The Peacemaker Program Inc.

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The Peacemaker Program, Inc. provides a continuum of services including skill development, dispute resolution programs and child advocacy services through the use of carefully trained volunteers. Our mission is to offer inclusive, innovative approaches to resolve conflict and achieve positive outcomes for children, families and the community. Please consider supporting our efforts.