Elder CareElder care mediation is a specialized service for older adults and their families.  Common topics include maintaining autonomy and independence, housing and living arrangements, care giving, healthcare management, safety, and more.  The service offers elders and their families a way to manage their lives either outside of, or in conjunction with, the court system.

Most commonly, an elderly parent and their adult children are involved in the mediation process.  However, the mediators will work with whomever the parties think is appropriate, including extended family, attorneys and other experts, and service providers.  We also offer our services to older adults who are beginning financial/estate planning, or who have consumer/merchant issues with contractors or other businesses.

No referral is needed for elder care mediation, and the process is private, voluntary, and without cost.  The service preserves family relationships, encourages family members to work together, helps assure the elder retention of independence and control over basic life decisions, and improves a family's ability to communicate and problem-solve for the future.