Custody and VisitationNo other family is quite like yours. So why should your parenting plan look just like anyone else's? The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has highly-trained mediators ready and waiting to help you build a customized plan that works for your family, your lives, your needs, and focuses on your children. Rather than fighting each other in open court, parents (and other family members) can sit down together and describe exactly what it is that they need to make an arrangement work. This creates agreements that work better, last longer, and have much less of a negative impact on you and your children.


Our mediators will use common, everyday language throughout most of the process. How do you want to decide where your children go to school? Who do you think should be able to authorize medical care for this child? Where would it be easiest for you to have this child live? How do you want to spend time with your child? These and other questions will help uncover the unique way your family works.

Over time, the mediators will be able to translate these needs into common court terminology, and help you understand what that means. At the end of the process, you can either keep your agreement an informal matter, or submit it to be made an order of the court. If a Family Court judge makes it an order, it then has the same enforceability as an order the judge constructed from scratch. The difference is, this is your agreement, for your family, and you chose it. Contact us today to begin the process of creating your parenting plan.