Family Mediation

Family MediationIn Family Mediation, the parties in the dispute are members of the same family.  Their relationship is permanent (or long-term), such as a parent and child, or spouses with children in common.  Once the issues involved in the dispute are resolved, the parties can begin working on rebuilding the quality of the relationship.

While there are several secialized programs in this category, family members DO NOT need to fit one of them in order to utilize our services.

These services are nearly all free to the participants, although there is typically a small fee to prepare documents for court.

Are you considering divorce? Consider mediation. Divorce Doesn't Have to be a Drag!


Top Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce

  • Couples who mediate their divorce are 3x LESS likely to return to court.
  • Mediation allows for non-legal factors to be included in an agreement.
  • Mediation takes less time than conventional divorce.
  • Mediation costs less money than conventional divorce.
  • Mediation includes all your wishes and concerns in an agreement you both decide upon.

Divorce doesn't have to be the long, drawn-out drag of the past. Choose something different for the next step in your living separate lives. Contact us today

Custody and VisitationNo other family is quite like yours. So why should your parenting plan look just like anyone else's? The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has highly-trained mediators ready and waiting to help you build a customized plan that works for your family, your lives, your needs, and focuses on your children. Rather than fighting each other in open court, parents (and other family members) can sit down together and describe exactly what it is that they need to make an arrangement work. This creates agreements that work better, last longer, and have much less of a negative impact on you and your children.


Child Support MediationIn New York State, a Support Magistrate issues an order detailing how much each parent must contribute to the support of their child. This order is based on a formula in the Child Support Standards Act, and the Magistrate will use that formula as a guideline to ensure that a child is properly provided for. However, parents have the ability to create their own plan for supporting their children and submit that plan to the Magistrate for approval. The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has mediators on hand who can help to explain the guidelines and guide your family toward a plan that works better for you.

Parent-ChildThe relationship between parents and children is a complicated one, and as children become teens it can become particularly challenging.  Parent-child mediators can help to bridge the communication gap that often develops, and help you to make a plan to restore safety and sanity to your household.

Elder CareElder care mediation is a specialized service for older adults and their families.  Common topics include maintaining autonomy and independence, housing and living arrangements, care giving, healthcare management, safety, and more.  The service offers elders and their families a way to manage their lives either outside of, or in conjunction with, the court system.