Community Mediation

In Community Mediation, the parties in the dispute are members of the same community.  Their relationship is usually temporary, such as a landlord and tenant, or a consumer and merchant.  Once the issues involved in the dispute are resolved, the parties can choose whether or not to continue this relationship.

While there are several secialized programs in this category, any two people or organizations with a dispute can utilize our services.  Some of the more commonly used services are described below.

All of our community mediation programs are offered free of charge to the participants.

Peer Student and TeacherWith such a large proportion of youth interaction happening at school, inevitably there are going to be conflicts.  Luckily, there are teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and a wide variety of other observers who can see potentially problematic behavior and ask for intervention before it escalates out of control.  Peer mediation is an excellent option for intervention, and it is available to any school in our area.  The service is convenient, private and free of charge.