WorkplaceThe cost of conflict for any business is potentially enormous.  The Peacemaker Program, Inc. offers a free, voluntary, and confidential way to reduce these unbudgeted costs, increase productivity and profitability, and increase employee morale in a targeted way.  Perhaps best of all, this service is offered free of charge to the businesses and individuals we work with.

Time lost to gossip and arguing during the workday.  Errors due to distracted personnel.  Staff hours needing constant adjustment to accomodate call-ins.  Managers spending time as referees instead of managing.  Training and other costs associated with hiring replacements for lost staff.  Potential liability from harassment, sress-induced health effects, and more.  These and countless other unbudgeted costs can affect your organization's bottom line as uncontrolled conflict runs rampant.

While good management, strong training programs, and employee education are an excellent place to start, when interpersonal conflicts happen, addressing them quickly and effectively is essential.  Our mediators can operate either at our offices or at your site, helping employees find a way to work out their problems safely and productively.