Special EducationWhen a student disagrees with a decision regarding their Individualized Education Program (IEP), they have the right to request a mediation.  In our service area, The Peacemaker Program, Inc. provides a certified mediator to conduct this process.  This mediator will attempt to help the parties in finding a mutually satisfactory solution, meeting the needs of both the student and the educational institution.

A Special Education Mediation is always conducted in a way that upholds the dignity of all participants.  Under no circumstances will the rights of any party be compromised, and parties are allowed to consider any and all alternatives that they feel meet their needs.  Mediation is part of the Due Process Rights guaranteed to you by Federal and New York State Law.  A parent or school can request mediation at any time during Due Process; it can be an alternative to an Impartial Hearing, or used to supplement it. 

The decisions made in Special Education Mediation are required to be made a part of the student's IEP by the Committee on Special Education (CSE); these agreements are legally binding and enforceable in court.  For more information, contact your local school district, the Department of Education, or The Peacemaker Program, Inc.

Our certified mediators are also able to assist in disputes related to Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES/VR).