Landlord-TenantThere is no lack of opportunity for conflict in Landlord-Tenant relations, from Codes violations and withheld rent to security deposit and evictions.  Likewise, while good fences may make good neighbors, where do you turn when the fence itself is the source of the conflict?  It often feels like the courts are the only option to reaching a resolution.  Luckily another choice exists, and Landlord-Tenant/Neighbor mediation can provide better solutions with greater speed and less cost.

Landlords often invest a great deal of time and money finding and keeping good tenants, and when their only choice is eviction, they see that investment evaporate.  Tenants become attached to an apartment they consider their home, and the last thing they want is to find themselves without a place to stay.  Mediation can offer a much wider range of solutions to common problems.  When these cases are referred from a court, the agreements reached can even be enforced by the referring court, offering peace of mind to everyone involved.

Neighbors also find themselves at odds over pets, property lines, trees, and more.  With a mediator, they can find a solution that everyone agrees on without spending a great deal of time and money that they don't have on litigation.  Benefits include a quieter home life, a closer community, and a better understanding of the people you see every day.