CommercialContractors, homeowners, vendors, suppliers, and a wide variety of other parties who enter into a business relationship sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict.  Whether it's the exact terms and interpretation of a contract that are in dispute, or the parties simply had a verbal agreement that seems to be breaking down, our mediators can help everyone involved find common ground and work towards a mutually acceptable goal.

The business world is full of opportunities for conflict.  Typically, a consumer wants the product and service they paid for, and a buisness owner wants to turn a profit and maintain their good reputation in the community.  The Peacemaker Program, Inc. can work towards these and other goals while keeping the needs, concerns, limitations, and obligations of all parties in mind, crafting an agreement that everyone is satisfied with.

Whether the mediator helps to revise an existing contract, create a new arrangement, or craft an agreement to be enforced by a court, we make sure that the parties are in control.  Our services are free, confidential, and voluntary, and offer an additional option for those who wish to find a way to solve their differences without a lengthy (and potentially costly) legal battle.