Agricultural MediationThe community of producers in Oneida and Madison Counties has a powerful set of tools available to resolve disputes and build solutions. Building on the excellent skills they already bring to the table, highly trained and experienced mediators can help producers to communicate more clearly, to negotiate more effectively, and to find solutions that work for everyone involved. Whether in a direct mediation with the producer and a creditor, or offering other mediation services such as small claims, child custody, or Special Education, the Agricultural Mediation program can help to make a real difference.

The Peacemaker Program is part of a statewide network of dispute resolution centers offering Agricultural Mediation. In Oneida and Madison Counties, we administer the New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (NYSAMP), created under the auspices of the USDA and Unified Court System. Agricultural Mediation is free, confidential, and effective. Its availability is guaranteed by law, and offers a lower-stress, lower-cost alternative to lengthy and expensive court battles. The mediator helps to ensure that all parties remain productive, respectful, cooperative, and effective in the course of negotiation.

The resolution rate for issues brought to mediation averages around 90%, and the solutions built last because they were built by the parties at the table using their own values and needs. Producers can access these services through the FSA, NYSAMP, or by contacting The Peacemaker Program directly. More information is available on the NYSAMP website.