Community Mediation

In Community Mediation, the parties in the dispute are members of the same community.  Their relationship is usually temporary, such as a landlord and tenant, or a consumer and merchant.  Once the issues involved in the dispute are resolved, the parties can choose whether or not to continue this relationship.

While there are several secialized programs in this category, any two people or organizations with a dispute can utilize our services.  Some of the more commonly used services are described below.

All of our community mediation programs are offered free of charge to the participants.

Agricultural MediationThe community of producers in Oneida and Madison Counties has a powerful set of tools available to resolve disputes and build solutions. Building on the excellent skills they already bring to the table, highly trained and experienced mediators can help producers to communicate more clearly, to negotiate more effectively, and to find solutions that work for everyone involved. Whether in a direct mediation with the producer and a creditor, or offering other mediation services such as small claims, child custody, or Special Education, the Agricultural Mediation program can help to make a real difference.

Small ClaimsWhether you have already filed a claim with your local court or are looking for an alternative, our programs are available to help you find a resolution that meets everyone's needs.

The Peacemaker Program, Inc. has a long-standing relationship with the small claims courts in both Utica and Rome, and can take referrals to help find a resolution that the parties choose.  These agreements are enforcable by the referring court, happen quickly, and offer a flexibility and satisfaction unique to the mediation process.  The process is strictly voluntary, and offers both claimants and respondents an option they might not previously have been aware of.

Landlord-TenantThere is no lack of opportunity for conflict in Landlord-Tenant relations, from Codes violations and withheld rent to security deposit and evictions.  Likewise, while good fences may make good neighbors, where do you turn when the fence itself is the source of the conflict?  It often feels like the courts are the only option to reaching a resolution.  Luckily another choice exists, and Landlord-Tenant/Neighbor mediation can provide better solutions with greater speed and less cost.

CommercialContractors, homeowners, vendors, suppliers, and a wide variety of other parties who enter into a business relationship sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict.  Whether it's the exact terms and interpretation of a contract that are in dispute, or the parties simply had a verbal agreement that seems to be breaking down, our mediators can help everyone involved find common ground and work towards a mutually acceptable goal.

WorkplaceThe cost of conflict for any business is potentially enormous.  The Peacemaker Program, Inc. offers a free, voluntary, and confidential way to reduce these unbudgeted costs, increase productivity and profitability, and increase employee morale in a targeted way.  Perhaps best of all, this service is offered free of charge to the businesses and individuals we work with.

Special EducationWhen a student disagrees with a decision regarding their Individualized Education Program (IEP), they have the right to request a mediation.  In our service area, The Peacemaker Program, Inc. provides a certified mediator to conduct this process.  This mediator will attempt to help the parties in finding a mutually satisfactory solution, meeting the needs of both the student and the educational institution.