Community Peacemaker Awards

Community Peacemaker Award2014 Community Peacemaker Awards Breakfast

On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014, The Peacemaker Program Inc., will be holding our annual Community Peacemaker Award Breakfast. An elegant buffet will be served at the Radisson Hotel at 7:30am. First and foremost, we honor our volunteers; those dedicated individuals who are exceptional all year long, and who make our community a more peaceful place to live. In addition, special awards will be presented to one individual and one organization who have been nominated and chosen as exceptional Community Peacemakers. Tickets are $20.00 each*. Tables of ten are available for $175.00. Please register here to attend.

This year, we will be recognizing one exceptional individual from the community, as well as one organization. The nomination form is available here

The Community Peacemaker Awards serve as the standard for acknowledging community activism that promotes collaborative conflict resolution in the Mohawk Valley. 

The Peacemaker Program, Inc. will honor a resident of Oneida, Herkimer or Madison Counties with our Community Peacemaker Award.

Additionally, this year we will honor an organization from Oneida, Herkimer or Madison Counties that works to promote peace and collaboration in our community.

ATTENTION!  Do you know a person or organization that uses innovative and collaborative approaches to help our community become a more peaceful place? This is the time to acknowledge the good service performed all around us. There are people and organizations that are diligently working to solve problems and bring people together. Let us find them, shake their hands and recognize their talents.

Our selection committee will choose one individual, and one organization, from the nominations. The honorees will be recognized at our Community Peacemaker Breakfast on October 14th and presented artwork designed specifically for The Community Peacemaker award by Michelle Roberts, an acclaimed local artist. 

Our annual Community Peacemakers Award Breakfast will also honor those dedicated individuals who are exceptional all year long, and who make our agency's mission possible. This list includes our specialists; mediators and arbitrators, as well as our CCAP (Child Custody Advocate Program) and SDMC (Surrogate Decision Making Committee) volunteers. We will also honor particular people, chosen by their peers, from our court system and community that work tirelessly for the good of the Peacemaker Program and their local areas.

The selection committee will be looking for nominees that use innovative techniques or ideas that show appreciable change in our community; people who live kind, compassionate, and generous lives. For example, the person or organization may have established a mentoring program, created a safe place for children after school, established a community discussion panel to bring awareness to their neighborhood issues, planted a community garden, developed a creative fund-raiser, or worked in a peer program that showed improvement in bullying.

We are taking nominations from the public! If you know a person or business in the Mohawk Valley who helps make this community a more peaceful place, consider nominating them by filling out the online form. 

ATTENTION! The nomination form is available here

*Volunteers and donors are eligible to attend the event for free. Please contact us to obtain a discount code.

Hon. Norman I. Siegel

Judge Siegel was nominated by Richard Ketcham  and Tracy Soules who write:

Richard Ketcham

It is a pleasure to write a letter of support for the nomination of Judge Norman l. Siegel for the Community Peacemaker Award.

In February of 2010, Judge Siegel was appointed by the Sisters of St. Francis as the first-ever secular, as Well as the first-ever male, Chairperson of the St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) Board of Trustees. In his personal conversations with friends, he recognized this historical appointment as an extraordinary opportunity to make a measurable and positive difference for SEMC. At the time of his appointment, no one could have predicted the upcoming challenges of health care reform.

 The challenge of being the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees was not enough. Three months into his role, Judge Siegel Was charged with the significant responsibility of overseeing the transition of another historical leadership change: Sister M. Johanna retired as President/CEO of St. Elizabeth and the Search for a new CEO was opened. It was quickly apparent that the first lay CEO would need to be recruited to lead St. Elizabeth Medical Center. 

Leading the hospital through the cultural change from religious leaders to lay leaders has not been an easy task and Judge Siegel has not taken this task lightly. He grasped his leadership role with open mindedness, his recognition that every person is as important as he, his intellectual habit of thinking things through, his reaching out and accepting of all points of View and by basing decisions on his respect for the doctrines of the Sisters of St. Francis and his passion for the

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

St. E’s was nominated by Tracy Soules who writes: It is with great pleasure I nominate St. Elizabeth Medical Center for the Community Peacemaker award.  St. Elizabeth Medical Center exemplifies the highest ideals and standards of healthcare and education in this community.   Day by Day, moment by moment, they are impacting people’s lives in countless ways.  They most certainly fill the criteria for the Community Peacemaker award by using innovative techniques and ideas that show appreciable change in our community.   At every level of this organization you will be met with astounding kindness, compassion, and skill. 

I spend many hours at St. E’s due to the fact that my mother is chronically ill.  Over the past years her admissions run the gamut from moderate illness to critical, life threatening situations.  Every time my family and I are at St. E’s we have been treated  professionally ,with respect, and compassion that goes above normal standards.  Every person we have come in contact with shows concern and compassion for the patient, the family,  and  the situation. The friendly demeanor of  Administration, nursing, specialists,  food service, maintenance, nursing aides, etc , lets us know that there is someone who genuinely cares about us.   Time is taken to answer your questions and explain procedures.  Effort is made to make you feel relieved and reassured that everything will be OK.  Every person that enters the room smiles and addresses you politely and with kindness.  One day a nurse noticed I was reading a fitness magazine and we had a conversation about yoga.   The next day she brought me a yoga book to read.   On another day a lab tech noticed I was interested in cooking and the next day she came in with several delicious recipes to try.  And,  on a very stressful day , as I was waiting for my mother to return from a serious procedure , a perceptive Nurse gave me hug, a cross,