The Challenge Kit     This complete kit includes the following:

     One “Spider Web” (Over 9 Feet Tall!), One “Cube”, Two Bridge Kits (Exclusive to this Kit), One “Canvas Leaf” (Exclusive to this Kit), and One “Box Full of Fun”.  The “Box Full of Fun” comes complete with: Stopwatch, 2 Long Straps (12’ Nylon), 2 Short Straps (6’ Nylon), 1 Dozen “Lilly Pads”, 1 Dozen Tossables (Variety of Items, always includes 2 Rubber Chickens), 2 Noah’s Ark Decks, 6 Bandanas, and 4 Traffic Cones.

     Included in this kit is the electronic book “Playing Peacemaker”.  This kit represents everything a facilitator, teacher, trainer, or anyone else would need to start engaging a group in fun and learning!

Playing Peacemaker Challenge Kit
600.00 CAD
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