Playing PeacemakerPlaying Peacemaker

By Steve Robinson & Mark W. Leuthauser

     This book is a one of a kind electronic guide to Conflict Resolution Training and more through Experiential Learning.  The book contains descriptions, instructions and debriefs to over 100 activities.  The activities are accompanied by photos and/or videos to help you better understand how the activities and solutions work. 

     Each activity is cross-referenced to over 15 different topics, including Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Communication, and Problem-Solving.  This book will also teach program development and an understanding of how Experiential Learning works in almost any environment.  In addition, each activity is sorted and searchable by group and program characteristics, such as group size, time limits, and space.

     Appendices include puzzle games and a quick curriculum builder as a guide to development of your own Experiential Learning workshop.  The book is designed to be used with on any computer equipped with Windows XP or later and is completely interactive.

Playing Peacemaker: Interactivities Database
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