Paths to Resolution

By Steve Robinson & Mark W. Leuthauser

Paths to Resolution is a software training package designed for youth and young adults.  Taken together, the various components allow a facilitator to teach basic to intermediate concepts in Conflict Resolution, including usable real-world skills.  The package is designed to easily and flexibly fit into an existing curriculum, and can also be used as a standalone instructional tool.

Paths Video TrainingThe package consists of four primary components:

  • Paths to Resolution, a video training. Peacemaker staff appear as presenters and aid participants in learning the basics of Conflict Resolution through lecture, interactivities, and a student workbook. The video training is divided into seven forty-five minute blocks to make deployment easy in a school setting.
  • Paths to Resolution: The Game, an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style game played on the PC. The game is set in a Medieval fantasy world, and uses 3-D characters to play the various roles. The game reinforces concepts presented in the video training.
  • Playing Peacemaker, an electronic book and database of interactivities designed to teach anyone how to be a better facilitator. The database contains tips, tricks, theory and nearly 200 different games and puzzles suited perfectly to groupwork.
  • Role-Play Reference, an electronic book and database of role-plays. Everyone agrees on the importance of role-play in training, but it's seldom used well. This reference guide gives tips and a framework for the use of the role-play tool. In addition, it contains a score of role-plays ready-made to teach conflict resolution concepts, many of which have word-for-word scrpts to make it easier than ever to integrate role-plays into your practice.

Paths The GameThe entire Paths to Resolution package is designed to be used by a facilitator to help communicate important concepts such as where conflict comes from, escalating behaviors, and productive problem solving. Using only a PC and a projector, anyone has a fun, engaging, and immediately useful curriculum designed to teach both theory and skills. The package is available for free to public schools in the United States serving grades 6-12.  Non-profit organizations may also purchase the package at a discounted rate ($249).  Your discount, if any, will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Development of Paths to Resolution was funded, in part, buy The JAMS Foundation.

Paths to Resolution: Student Edition
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