Beating the Bully LogoThis training is designed specifically for the workplace. Bullying behaviors have real effects on employees, from lost time and damaged productivity to health issues and even mental illness. The consequences for employers can be dramatic as well, starting with increased costs and turnover and potentially extending to liability. As more and more organizations realize these consequences, they also begin looking for ways to stop bullying in the workplace.

Our training starts by defining what bullying is and isn't. More than somebody stealing lunch money on the playground, we recognize bullying as the devastating, systematic, and inappropriate abuse it is. We look at institutional ways to prevent bullying behaviors, and offer targets techniques they can use to stop bullying behaviors when they do happen.

Over time, the tools and techniques we offer can make workplaces more positive, more effective, and more productive. Managers and front-line employees will both benefit from the information and skills presented. The standard program length is about 2 hours*, with a starting cost around $350.

*Additional techniques can be incorporated by extending the time.  For example:
  • Immersive Role-Play
  • Group Discussion
  • Detailed Question & Answer