Attack of The Conflict Creatures

This training separates the world into ten commonly-encountered personality types, and then assigns each an animal to make them easy to understand and remember.  Each of these "Conflict Creatures" has a distinct style and approach to disagreements, and our instructors help participants understand the best and most effective approach for each.

For example, do you know someone whose approach to conflict is to yell, scream, and mow down people in their way?  Do they opt for intimidation over cooperation, and value volume over thoughtfulness?  You may be dealing with the Bull.  On the other hand, do you know someone whose weapons are whispers, sarcasm, and snide comments?  Do they undermine those around them behind the scenes, while smiling to their faces?  Be careful; you might have a Snake on your hands.

Any conflict has the potential to reach a positive outcome, as long as those involved have the knowledge and skills required to choose the appropriate technique.  Once you know that you're a Dog and your boss is a Bull, interaction becomes simpler, clearer, and more productive.  The standard program length is about 2 hours*, with a starting cost around $350.

*Additional skill sets can be added to the training by extending the time.  For example:
  • The Conflict Creatures in Mediation
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Immersive Role-Play