Conflict Consultation Services makes available a number of excellent trainings that are ready to deploy for your organizations. In addition, we are able to build a customized training in order to accommodate the topics and skills you need, the time you have available, and the number of participants you want to include.

Participants in any of our trainings should leave not just with a clearer understanding of the topic, but also with practical skills they can apply immediately.

If you would like more information on scheduling one of our standard training programs, or to request a quote for a custom-built training, please feel free to contact our training team.

Ninety Second SolutionsThis training takes the advanced conflict resolution skills used by our professional mediators and boils them down into a form that anyone can use.  While mediation is a powerful technique, sometimes people need to solve problems quickly and still produce a positive outcome.  Whether using these skills professionally (in Customer Service or Management) or personally (with friends and family), you will learn to solve problems with lasting solutions in less than two minutes.

Attack of The Conflict Creatures

This training separates the world into ten commonly-encountered personality types, and then assigns each an animal to make them easy to understand and remember.  Each of these "Conflict Creatures" has a distinct style and approach to disagreements, and our instructors help participants understand the best and most effective approach for each.

Peace For Rent

One of the most common case types in any small claims court is the eviction.  In addition, countless claims are brought by landlords and tenants regarding rent reductions, leases, security deposits, damages, and more.  The fact is that New York State is, far and away, the leader in sheer quantity of landlord-tenant law.  This means that to be a good, effective, and profitable landlord in New York, you need knowledge.  This training provides a foundation for becoming informed and effective.

Beating the Bully LogoThis training is designed specifically for the workplace. Bullying behaviors have real effects on employees, from lost time and damaged productivity to health issues and even mental illness. The consequences for employers can be dramatic as well, starting with increased costs and turnover and potentially extending to liability. As more and more organizations realize these consequences, they also begin looking for ways to stop bullying in the workplace.