Corporate Peacemaker Award 2013

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

St. E’s was nominated by Tracy Soules who writes: It is with great pleasure I nominate St. Elizabeth Medical Center for the Community Peacemaker award.  St. Elizabeth Medical Center exemplifies the highest ideals and standards of healthcare and education in this community.   Day by Day, moment by moment, they are impacting people’s lives in countless ways.  They most certainly fill the criteria for the Community Peacemaker award by using innovative techniques and ideas that show appreciable change in our community.   At every level of this organization you will be met with astounding kindness, compassion, and skill. 

I spend many hours at St. E’s due to the fact that my mother is chronically ill.  Over the past years her admissions run the gamut from moderate illness to critical, life threatening situations.  Every time my family and I are at St. E’s we have been treated  professionally ,with respect, and compassion that goes above normal standards.  Every person we have come in contact with shows concern and compassion for the patient, the family,  and  the situation. The friendly demeanor of  Administration, nursing, specialists,  food service, maintenance, nursing aides, etc , lets us know that there is someone who genuinely cares about us.   Time is taken to answer your questions and explain procedures.  Effort is made to make you feel relieved and reassured that everything will be OK.  Every person that enters the room smiles and addresses you politely and with kindness.  One day a nurse noticed I was reading a fitness magazine and we had a conversation about yoga.   The next day she brought me a yoga book to read.   On another day a lab tech noticed I was interested in cooking and the next day she came in with several delicious recipes to try.  And,  on a very stressful day , as I was waiting for my mother to return from a serious procedure , a perceptive Nurse gave me hug, a cross, and a prayer book.  My Savior on a day when I really needed that hug!  All of  those little actions and the ability to connect make such an appreciable impact that enrich the lives of people around us.   A visit or admission to the hospital when a loved one is ill can be very intimidating and overwhelming.  St. Elizabeth staff is able to humanize the experience and remove some of the “trauma” patients and family feel.  My family and I are among the thousands of people that benefit from the valuable services, education, and emotional support they have to offer.

History of St. Elizabeth Medical Center which supports this nomination:  

MISSION:  St. Elizabeth Medical Center Community, inspired by St. Francis of Assisi and faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, is committed to excellence in healthcare and education. We pledge to do this with compassion and respect for the dignity for all.

HISTORY:  The hospital was established in 1866 by the Sisters of St. Francis in a small house on Columbia Street that was donated by St. Joseph Church in Utica. Two Sisters were especially important in this work, Mother Marianne Cope and Mother M. Bernardina. In 1862, Mother Marianne entered religious life in Syracuse and participated in the establishment of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, two of the first hospitals in Central New York and among the first 50 general hospitals in the U.S. Mother Marianne Cope was canonized a saint October 21, 2012 based upon her work caring for women and children with leprosy on the Hawaiian Islands with five other Sisters for 35 years. Mother M. Bernardina is the founder of the Order of St. Francis, a religious community of Sisters in Syracuse, New York. She was a teacher at St. Joseph School in Utica, but the black-robed Franciscan often made her way through the streets of West Utica to visit the sick. She often found poverty and neglect and resolved to find a place where the sick could be cared for by the Sisters. 

Today, St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC), now located at 2209 Genesee St., is a 25-acre facility with 201 beds. Much has changed since the days of a one-bed facility. Additions have been built and technology has advanced greatly but, through it all, we maintain the beliefs of our founding Sisters. Each person has the right to quality healthcare and the hospital strives to administer to the whole person to promote physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

 SCOPE OF SERVICES:  St. Elizabeth now includes the Area Trauma Center, Mohawk Valley Heart Institute, Mohawk Valley Sleep Disorders Center, Marian Medical Professional Building and five schools: The College of Nursing, The School of Radiography, The St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program, the Fellowship in Hospital Medicine and the Fellowship in Gynecologic Endoscopy.

 St. Elizabeth Medical Center operates 16 clinics with approximately 122,000 patient visits to its community offices annually. Its healthcare services include Primary Care Specialties of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, with a focus on health maintenance and disease prevention. Additional services are also provided at the Women’s Health Center, including Prenatal Care and Gynecology. St. Elizabeth Medical Center partnered with Kernan Elementary School to establish a School-Based Health Center, which provides quality primary healthcare services to enrolled Kernan Elementary students on site at the elementary school.

St. Elizabeth has served the Mohawk Valley for over 146 years and, with more than 1,900 employees, is an employment and economic anchor in the community.

We are truly privileged and fortunate to have an outstanding Medical Center with a strong history and exceptional reputation in this community.   They employ some of the most dedicated and seasoned staff and volunteers and we should be proud to honor them.