Tanya Davis is Executive Director for Keep America Beautiful of Rome, New York.  


Tanya was nominated by Mike Keelan who writes: Tanya Davis has diligently worked towards the collective betterment of the Rome community. Among many projects Ms. Davis actively spearheaded the effort to establish the first community gardens in multiple locations within the Rome community with inspiring results, i.e. a bountiful harvest! Ms. Davis did not hesitate for a moment to physically labor in the building of “raised beds” and subsequent spring planting of various vegetables. In addition, Ms. Davis has equally inspired the community’s youth and “older” folks with her efforts. Tanya’s foray into all things green began through her volunteer efforts with the Parent Teacher Group at Staley, which serves all of the Rome School District's fifth and sixth graders. She served on the PTG for three years (beginning her fourth now), and two of those were spent as President of the association. During that time, Tanya realized that there weren't many efforts going on to recycle in the classrooms, which was shocking given that their #1 waste is paper! So, what began as an effort to obtain recycling bins led her to develop a yearlong plan to "green" the school. That plan won the school many accolades, including winning the 2012 DEC Green School's Challenge in two categories - Top elementary school, and top school overall (Greenest school in the STATE!). In turn the message delivered to the students at Staley was taken home with them and prompted expanded recycling efforts for the overall community. Last year, Tanya assisted Clean and Green in obtaining five grants - one from Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and Troy-Bilt, one from Scott's Miracle Gro GRO1000 for the community gardens, one from KAB and the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group for pubic (on-the-go) recycling, and yet another from KAB and Coca Cola for event recycling, and a fifth one from CVP (Curbside Value Partnership) for education for curbside recycling efforts. The group continues to work closely with the city on the three primary KAB pillars - Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction and Recycling, and Beautification and Community Greening. Ms. Davis is a major asset for our collective communities and more than deserves the recognition of being awarded the Community Peacemakers Award. If anyone defines the “Community Peacemaker Award” Ms. Davis is that person.