Janet Butler is an amazing volunteer and was nominated by Teresa Huggins who writes: Janet creates peace through her interactions with individuals and through her volunteer work. Never seeking recognition, she guides with optimism and curiosity allowing individuals to discover their own answers. She finds solutions when people are challenged. As a volunteer with Leaders for Life International, she has lead presentations that inspired teens to see life with new hope and perspectives that give them courage to reach out to others in needs. She volunteers with Hospice and shares ways for children to remember their parents who have died. She inspires college students in ways to engage all teens in our programs. Her individual conversations empower people to find strength during challenging times and to take action to make a positive ripple. She has volunteered for school programs, summer trainings and weekend events. Her presence brings joy, compassion, faith and peace. People leave feeling renewed and inspired to live life in new ways. In this summer's program, we had teens and college students shared stories of loved ones who inspired them and some of them had died. One by one, Janet found a way to quietly connect with each youth and let them know by sharing their memories, they were honoring their loved ones. Her gentle conversations creates inner peace and a desire to reach out to others in need. Teens have created service projects, written stories honoring loved ones all with simple prompts from Janet. Gandhi shared "Be the Change You Wish to See in the World." Janet embodies this thought with her actions. Be Peace. Be Enthusiasm. Be Joy. Be Love = Janet Butler