Child Custody Advocate ProgramChild Custody Advocate Program volunteers assist children caught in the middle of difficult custody disputes. The CCAP volunteer does this by looking into the background and current family situation for each child.

The advocate then provides the court with a carefully researched write up of the case, which assists the court in making informed decisions concerning the child’s custody and visitation.

Children served by CCAP have a better chance at a positive relationship with their parents.

The CCAP program is a unique, home-grown service based largely on the very successful Court Appointed Special Advocate® program, formerly administered locally by The Peacemaker Program, Inc.  The program is based on the belief that all children deserve the best possible outcomes when they are caught in the middle of difficult custody disputes.

Our advocates are appointed by a judge, although a request can certainly be made to the judge for such an appointment.  Unfortunately, we have only ever been able to serve a small number of children affected by the more than 4,000 custody petitions files annually in Oneida and Herkimer counties.  We are always eager to add dedicated volunteers to the ranks of advocated speaking up for children in court.