Advocates Make a 8-year-old “Kelly”. One snowy night in January, Kelly hid in her closet, while her step-father hurled insults and fists at her terrified mother. Kelly heard every word, and flinched with every blow. She knew she was next.

The police came when neighbors called about the commotion at the broken down house on the hill. A caseworker told Kelly, “Grab some clothes and get the car outside- we’ll take you somewhere to stay”. With a backpack of clothes and the blustery wind at her back, Kelly left her home... and her mother. Along with this, Kelly left behind her school, her friends and the only life she knew.

Cindy, a volunteer advocate, was assigned by a Judge to speak up for Kelly.

Six months later, when no progress had been made on her case. Cindy found that Kelly’s bedroom door at home had a large 5” by 5” hole through it. Kelly said her stepfather made it when she would not unlock the door or come out and wash the dishes.

Kelly wasn’t doing well in foster care. She sobbed for hours after every visit with her mother. She didn’t make friends at her new school. Her stomach ached from worry for her mom’s safety. Cindy helped Kelly’s mom find the help that she needed to leave the abusive relationship and make positive changes in her life.

Kelly needed her mom and she needed ‘home’. Volunteer advocate Cindy would voice to anyone that would listen that this mother was ready to have her daughter home and that Kelly was suffering by being away from her. Kelly and her mom were reunited thanks to the voice of the advocate for Kelly.