Peacemaker Volunteers are regular people from a variety of professions and educational backgrounds, and the majority work full time.  The staff is committed to supporting our volunteers, and extensive training is provided at little or no cost.  Some volunteers have previous experience; many have no experience at all!

The Peacemaker Program holds Child Advocate training several times a year, and Basic Mediation training typically happens once a year. Advanced Mediation trainings and Facilitator trainings are scheduled as needed and in cooperation with other Community Dispute Resolution Centers. If you're interested in giving children a voice in court, or helping inspire solutions with individuals and families, these are the trainings for you. Don't wait until we fill our next class; sign up today!

Dispute Resolution VolunteersOur Dispute Resolution volunteers, including mediators and arbitrators, are highly-trained and certified practitioners that work closely with The Peacemaker Program, Inc. to provide essential services to the community. For example, to become a Community Mediator, a volunteer must:

  • Complete an initial training of between 30 and 40 hours
  • Complete an apprenticeship averaging one year, working with experienced mediators
  • Complete an additional 10-15 hours of supplemental training
  • Be certified in accordance with standards set by the New York State Unified Court System
  • Maintain their certification through yearly practice and training

Advocacy VolunteersThere is no special experience required to become a Child Advocate, and our volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. As part of their 40 hours of initial training (supplemented by court observation), advocates will be educated in:

  • Courtroom Procedure
  • Social Services
  • The Juvenile Justice System
  • Special Needs of Children Victimized by Abuse & Neglect

Challenge VolunteersThe Peacemaker Program, Inc. has an excellent reputation for providing some of the best facilitators available. In addition to our staff facilitators, we occasionally make use of volunteers. These individuals receive the same training, and are held to the same high standards, as our staff facilitators. Primarily involved in assisting with our Challenge Programs, these volunteers can gain:

  • A solid understanding of applied experiential learning
  • A good foundation in the topics, tools, and techniques The Peacemaker Program, Inc. uses in its programs
  • A variety of games, puzzles, and other activities to draw from in future programs
  • An opportunity to work with a variety of groups; especially youth

VolunteerWhen you volunteer, you give to your family and friends, to your neighbors, and to our community. Volunteers, in big ways and in small, have made life richer and better through donations of time and effort.  Each program has its own requirements, but all of our volunteers share certain things in common:

     What are some reasons to get involved?

  • Discover new strengths and talents
  • Make new friends
  • Find purpose
  • Give hope and opportunity to others
  • Gain Valuable Personal and Professional Experience

     What do all volunteers need to have? 

  • Commitment to our mission
  • Open Mindedness
  • The ability to talk with all kinds of people, some of whom will be dealing with difficult issues
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability

     How does the process work?

  • Submit an application (click here)
  • Complete interview and screening process
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete training requirements (All training programs are taught by experienced trainers who provide valuable information to meet a variety of learning styles)